I rarely write anything, so this time, its gonna be a long long post. But recently, maybe due to bad luck, I have always had negative in-game experience. I am not talking about certain individuals, but the overall feeling of the game. I became very confused about the "revive" options, I understand that it is a choice to stay or leave when someone dies in a game, as through certain game mode, it does drain the sanity of other players, affecting their in-game experience. But whether or not the "dead" player chooses to leave the server or seek ways to revive, I believe it is their personal choice (unless they have malicious intent/purposely there to troll the server)However, from what I have been experiencing recently, it seemed like there is an ongoing "underground" rule, where someone dies, they need to quit the game almost immediately. Rarely do I die in early game, as I have been playing Don't Starve back in the days when it was not multiplayer, but certainly there are times where I cannot even survive the first day (depending on resource availability near portal, season, time of day, etc.). Of course on a public server, I cannot expect everyone to be friendly and offers a helping hand, and I believe the owners of dedicated servers have the rights basically to do anything with their own server. However, I do think Klei official servers are meant for everyone to play, to enjoy their time. But, I do think this is not the case with "Clayfish was here! - Klei Official". The server has been ongoing for 2000+ days, and I am pretty sure a lot a lot of hard work and accomplishments were done to keep the server running. However, I do think that one problem that arise from the long-running server is "server hoarding". By that I mean, with all the resources gone at the portal, it makes surviving very difficult for new players, and thus this server is almost becoming a dedicated server, exclusive to players that have joined early, especially if the early players form "cliques" and are unwilling to help new players, or to even communicate with polite words. I do think if this is a personal server, then it would be perfectly fine if the owner only wish certain friends to join, but I am disappointed in the fact that this is a Klei official server! I thought it was meant for all dst members.