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[Graphics] Incorrect campfire Y-coordinate (heightness)

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AlexXsWx    10

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Incorrect campfire Y-coordinate (heightness)

Steps to reproduce

1. Build a campfire
2. Zoom camera in
3. Walk left and right, watch how campfire is slightly sliding as you walk.

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A bit annoying.. Also it seems to me chests (some of them?) has similar bug. It makes me feel crazy a bit..
Update: Yes, it is. One of crates in
moves in different way than others as character moves. Unfortunately, I don't remember what so special was in placement that very chest. Edited by AlexXsWx
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AlexXsWx    10

Sometimes bees stucking over a flower - due to same bug - the flower is somehow being placed lower than ground level, and bee can't reach it.

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