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[Sound] Boss fight sound glitch [?]

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Jack    31

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Boss fight sound glitch [?]

Steps to reproduce

I'm not sure, but i think its something like this:

Send a deerclops to a herd of beefalos in heat, with some baby beefalos around.
Let them kill the deerclops.
Kill the baby beefalos [?]

Describe your issue

I'm not sure what just happened in my game... but
I was playing, third winter, day 105.
Midnight and hounds start barking, i went to the herd of beefalos in heat and they killed it for me...
Soon after that, i hear the deerclops walking (Some days before, he spawned, but while he was spawning i had to go to sleep, so when i came back to the game, i couldnt find him. He was very far from where i was D:)
Then all the beefalos started attacking him, lots of deaths, poor creatures :C And finally he died.
I went to kill Mactusk, with some pigs, and then i went to swamp to get some tentacle spikes...
When i came back, there was 5 baby beefalos in my base (Kind of far from where the beefalos are) No adult beefalo around. So i tried to kill them, when i attacked the first baby beefalo, a boss fight music started playing and i started to freak out, but no boss around but 2 friendly treeguard in the other side of the island, I killed the first baby beefalo and went to kill another, the boss music started again DD: the 3 other beefalos had the normal fight music playing.

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Wade    321

Wow, there is a lot of actions in there which could possibly have a glitch.I'll try to see if I can track it down further to find the problem.Thanks!

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