Really far fetched Wormwood theory

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Ham3d    101
27 minutes ago, Mooagain said:

I think this goes here, since Wormwood is coming next month. 

I found a character in a book that may be related to Wormwood, it's a bit of a stretch, but I still should share it.

I'm going to spoil the book, so if you have not read Dragonlance Chronicles, and you want to read it, do not open the spoiler.

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I think Wormwood may be related to Berem Everman. The main similarity is that they both have a green gem in their chest, that they got from some ancient ruins. Berem stole a gem from a sacred temple, and then it was embedded in his chest. The gem caused him to be immortal, and also made everyone evil want to capture him because if they sacrificed him in the right way, the evil gods could come into the mortal world. As long as he is alive, the portal will remain closed. Berem lived alone for hundreds of years, dying, living on the run, until he met some people who helped him stop the evil.

Wormwood is a plant that spawns in the ancient ruins. He has a green gem, which seems to be the source of his magic. Berem being alive was the only thing stopping the evil from coming through the portal, and something is stopping Them from using the gateway. Maybe this is the reason why the shadows attack Wormwood? Wormwood has been alone for ages, but now that he will meat Maxwell, Max might know what his gem holds.

My idea of what could have happened: Wormwood was one of those plants growing in the ruins. The plant grew too close to a magic gem that They needed for their power. Then Wormwood took the gem, and he became sentient. They tried to take it back, but couldn't. Now he lives forever.


i was thought wagstaff is life savior but now maybe wormwood is!

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Zeklo    14,922

Interesting thought. Though I'm under the impression that the DLC characters won't be essential to the main plot. Like Wortox. 

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minespatch    49,765
On 5/21/2019 at 12:08 PM, Mooagain said:

now that he will meat Maxwell,

Longpig skin for Maxwell confirmed?:wilson_sneaky:

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