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[Gameplay] Not getting animals from traps.


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Not getting animals from traps.

Steps to reproduce

1. Set up a bird trap or a bunny trap.
2. Catch an animal.
3. Hold a weapon of any kind ( haven't tried with every single one ).
4. Check the trap.
5. Get the trap ( used ) but no animal with it !

Describe your issue

I noticed that when you check a trap ( only the ones that can catch animals ) and hold a weapon in your "hand" ( tried with: Spear, Tentacle Spike ), you will get back the trap, it will be used, but you will have no animal in your inventory !

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Holding weapon in "hand" - do you mean having it equipped in appropriate slot or holding it with "mouse" (so it follows your cursor)?Got similar problem with bird trap. I've setted up a trap, baited it, quit-save-continue, and later when picked it up there was no any bird. Something similar occurs to rabbits traps without bait (just putted over rabbit hole). I didn't ever paid attention to events order, but I think sometimes when day ends, rabbits run to their holes, trap activates but rabbit gets in hole before trap will stop animation - so trap is jumping like there's rabbit inside, while rabbit is in its hole.

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This has happened to me a few times, differently..When I check rabbit traps with a spear in my hand I got my rabbit, but the second trap I check immediately after gives me no rabbit.I haven't done any real extensive testing but sometimes, yes, the traps don't produce the caught animal.

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