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Don't Starve Switch-Major Bugs

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This is going to be quite a bit to fix so it's probably going to take a while if they start on it, but i've been playing the switch edition of don't starve for a long while now and there are some major and in some cases game breaking glitches in the game. Mostly these are connected to entering new areas.

Caves- When entering the caves many problems can happen, you may end up getting permanent or near permanent rain and sometimes exiting the caves can reset or change the season. This may also effect the survived day count which may effect seasons.

Ruins- When entering the ruins the game can lock up near the end of the dropping down animation. This can destroy a save file but with some brute forcing with returning to the main menu mid game, it can be possible to bypass the locking. However other problems are bound to happen on the surface world due to this.  This may also effect the survived day count which may effect seasons.

Volcano- Sometimes when entering the volcano the game can get a system error, which basically destroys that save file, this happened to me just earlier today.

Sound bugs- These are more on the minor side, sometimes when entering and exiting areas the sound may be cut out.

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