I understand foremost that the intended mechanic was for Willow to only have 1 BERNIE! at a time, and as such the exploit allowing players to stack multiple large BERNIE!s was understandably patched out.

However, I also am of the opinion that sometimes we learn more about the game through random chance, and to be quite frank the multiple BERNIE! exploit was actually really fun and made Willow interesting again, at least in my opinion. It's removal didn't make the game any more fun (which is what I look for in changes), it just made Willow worse. Which for a character who desperately needed this buff is quite the shame indeed. Some might say it's overpowered, which foremost is a difficult thing to nail down on exactly defining. However, I would argue that even a large BERNIE! army was less effective than a proper Wicker Tentacle trap. The screenshots of people (always conveniently in creative mode) with 50 BERNIE!s undercut the amount of resources it'd require to set up and maintain such an Army, in comparison to a tentacle trap that literally drops most of the materials (along with some nice weapons) required to craft it. Sure, Bernie isn't destroyed upon "death" but it will still take a substantial amount of time to gather any significant amount of BERNIE!s and then they have to be repaired when they fall in combat.

It seemed like this update was designed to make Willow more summoner-like, which while I am not personally a fan of the idea I am willing to work with what I've been given. Perhaps a compromise would be best here, with either a server or Willow BERNIE! cap limit set so as to not flood servers. If they want to make her more summoner-like but limit her to a single summon this does seem to defeat the purpose of a "summoner" character, at least a stereotypical one. I'm interested to see what people's opinions are on this in the comments, primarily because I don't actually know if I share the majority opinion. Please keep things civil as always.