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Game crash when re-entering ant queen

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I went into ant queens lair with 4 guards, smacked her around a bit.

Suddenly the music stopped playing. Only sound effects from getting hit.

After retreating a room to heal (I always clear the previous room for that purpose), I saved & closed to get the music back.

Now, when reentering the room, it crashes. 

Wormwood, day 39. Beta branch. Save file as attachment. 


219740-2019-05-03-wormwood ant queen.zip

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  • Developer

Hmm, there's definitely something wrong with that save - it doesn't show a minimap either. Investigating.

The crash will be fixed in the next update. Investigating why I am no seeing a minimap though.

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Ok. The minimap does seem to work in other rooms indeed.

I've arrived at day 61, but can't find an aporcalypse calendar. 

I ran c_countprefabs("aporkalypse_clock") and it said there are 0 aporcalypse_clock's in the world (0 asleep).

This is rather hard ;)

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