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UberFubarius    13

A mechanian to bundle multiple automation wires into one wire. 

Currently, if you want to wire a lot of automation wires over long distance. You have to run a lot of parallel wires.

At the same time, a wireless automation seems to make things a bit too trivial. 

I propose having a automation conduit/bus system. It consist of the following. 

1. The Bus - visually like a heavy electric wire, does not intersect with automation wires.

2. Input Patch - place on top of the Bus, receives automation signal.

3. Output Patch - place on top of the Bus, emits automation signals. Defaults to Off signal. 

Both input and output patch can be set to a channel value between 1 and 16. Anytime an Input Patch receives an on signal, all Output patch sitting on the same Bus with the same channel emits an On signal.

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