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Webber's mask and Minor inconveniences (resolution)

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Not sure if it's a bug or not.
But Pig Guards seem to forget if Webber actually was stealing from them if conditions are right:

1. Mask was not equiped.
2. Stealing was AFTER Guard noticed Webber.

If you stole after that, decided to wear a mask and run away from them, next time they will think of you as if nothing ever happened.
However, that doesn't work during darkness. As if they nearby they will "sound trigger" no matter what, causing you to kill them in order to make them forget.

as for Minor inconveniences I mentioned...

It might sound uncommon, but 4:3 still has problems with "zoomed" rooms. Forcing players to switch resolution in order to see the exits on the sides in the ruins...
Can someone fix this via mod? Like zooming out for 25%?

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