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[Gameplay] Unwanted merge with existing RoG world

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Platform: Steam

Mods: Yes, Geometric placement, Combined status, Minimap HUD


Rev 327761


Unwanted merge with existing RoG world. 

Build Skyworthy in Hamlet, choose new world generation, accept and it throws you (at least me) into an existing RoG world. 

So I wanted to link the RoG world do my Hamlet/SW world and went to the Skyworthy and chose new world generation. I made a custom huge world and clicked generate. It didn't show the generating screen and threw me into an existing RoG wolrd that I had made to practice fights. Naturally I made that world small, as I wanted to reduce potential lag. Nothing else was changed about it but it was small, destroyed and lithered with mob drops. So all I want to know is is there is any way to revert the merge? I stupidly didn't make a backup prior to merging. Is there a way to "reset" or delete the RoG world? Cuz if not imma be mad at myself for screwing my main world. If anyone knows anything about this please tell me or at least advise me what to do.

EDIT: So I investigated further and I found out that even though I "merged" the worlds, the original RoG world and my main Hamlet/SW worlds stayed in their separate save slots and were playable. So that means that I merged the worlds and in my Hamlet/SW the RoG world was playable and the changes that were made to the world (map exploration, destruction, drops) stayed the same. But the original was still standalone. 

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