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Starvation notification

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Sasza22    2,061

There are 3 major things that will stop your dupes from doing their job. Suffocation, starvation and full bladder. Out of these 3 only starvation produces a warning when that happens.

Low oxygen will make the dupe stop his task at 75% breath he will go to catch breath and not produce a warning before below 50% and another one at 25%.

Close to full bladder will make the dupe run to the toilet if there is one available if not it produces a warning.

Starvation produces a warning when the dupe leaves his task which is not consistent with how other warnings work. It goes away as the dup decides to get some food so it`s either up for 1 second or for the time the dupe is on the toilet. This leads to false alerts. Alerts like "food unreachable" or "unpermitted food" are actually more important.

When a dupe decides he needs to eat now and not wait for the break it shouldn`t porduce a warning (the conversation cloud is enough). If the dupe can`t find food when he wants then there should be a warning. Starvation should pop up only when the situation is critical, like after the dupe doesn`t eat during break and gets close to dying beacause of that.

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situpc    42

Also is it just me or could it be more informative? If I'm remembering correctly it just shows "Nails is starving and will die soon if she does not eat." I think it should show something like "Nails is starving. She will starve to death in 0.5 cycles if she does not find food." I'm not at my desktop right now but I also believe starving doesn't allow them to use the grill, I had one dupe that refused to make themselves bbq but as soon as I allowed them to eat raw meat they started eating. 

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