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Mod Request: Character-per-world stat change saves (non-DST)

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GeekerAndy    0

For your consideration:
So this idea of a mod wasn't meant for characters that already adjust their hp and/or hunger (such as Wolfgang, WX-98, and Wilba)


What did I want? Well, you can change the max stats of a character with the console, such as doing: 


However, if I change, say, Wilson's max hunger stat to 250, but then save and quit and reload the world, it will default back to 150.

Mod Request:

So the request is that console changes like that will save themselves. And I don't necessarily want it needing to be compatible with the aforementioned characters above that have changing stats, and neither it being compatible with the hp-changing properties of the Meat Effigy.

Why do I want this?
Well, I wanted a personal experience where if I had above 95% of my max hp or hunger, I can increase its max stat by ten points (or any number, really), then set that stat to 25% as the cost(or any percentage). I suppose I could request a mod for that as well.


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Cline    28

I was looking for something similar to this but haven't got any solution. I wanted to make the player's HP to be higher after they consumed a mandrake soup but the game doesnt save that, here's what I came up with but im not sure if the problem is in the saving or loading :

AddPrefabPostInit ("mandrakesoup",function(inst)

local function oneaten(inst, eater, health)
    LEVEL = LEVEL + 1 end

local function onload(inst, data, eater, health)
    if data ~= nil and data.LEVEL ~= nil then*data.LEVEL)

local function onsave(inst, data)
    data.LEVEL = LEVEL

inst.components.edible:SetOnEatenFn(oneaten) end)


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