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[Strings] Bugged announcement string when putting on Wagstaff's goggles as any other character

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Platform: Steam (Windows)
Mods: None active
Version Number: 328894

This would presumably only show up in regular gameplay if you were playing as Wagstaff and switched characters via Adventure Mode or the Seaworthy/Skyworthy, but if any character besides Wagstaff puts on his goggles, they attempt to use an announcement string that doesn't exist and the character says an error message instead. I didn't test every single character, but I used Woodie, Webber, Walani, Warly, and Wormwood in order to confirm that it applied to basegame, RoG, Shipwrecked and Hamlet characters.

The other assets for a non-Wagstaff character using the goggles work; the item names are randomised and the character uses the nearsightedness examine line instead of the normal examine quote for that item, and the sets of goggles themselves have examine quotes.

Steps to reproduce:

Start a save as any character besides Wagstaff; I don't know if it makes a difference, but I used a Hamlet-compatible RoG world with Lots of touchstones and More flowers, mandrakes, treeguards and Volt Goats and all other worldgen settings on default for all my tests. Pick a character who isn't Wagstaff. c_spawn("gogglesnormalhat") or another set of Wagstaff's goggles if you prefer because all four goggle items do this. Have your character put on the goggles; it may take a few tries before they make the announcement.








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