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[Graphics] Warly's topknot disappears when putting on Wagstaff's goggles

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Platform: Steam (Windows)
Mods: None active
Version Number: 328894

I wanted to see what would happen so I started a new Hamlet-compatible RoG save as Warly and spawned one of each of Wagstaff's goggles. When Warly put the goggles on, the top of his head/hair disappeared. Sometimes he would also say UNKNOWN STRING: WARLY ANNOUNCE_PUTONGOGGLES_GOGGLESNORMALHAT (with various prefabs as appropriate for the set of goggles) when doing so. The other assets for non-Wagstaff characters finding the goggles seem to be intact, and this happened even when I deleted the save and started over with the same parameters.

Steps to reproduce:

Open the game, start a new RoG world (I set touchstones to Lots and flowers, mandrakes, Volt Goats and treeguards to More, though I doubt worldgen settings affect the issue) and make it Hamlet-compatible, choose Warly as your character, and then c_spawn in any of Wagstaff's goggles and make Warly put them on.



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