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[Switch] Bugs with caves : random season change; The Sequel

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swingecko    8
  • Platform
    Nintendo Switch
  • Do you use mods?
  • Issue title
    Season Change (Summer to Spring) by exploring the Caves and Ruins.


  • Steps to reproduce
    Enter the caves, Enter the Ruins, stay some days in the Ruins (day 140+)


  • Describe your issue
    Entered the caves many times on this save file without any problems, but on day 140+, during Summer, when I was exploring the Ruins, the season switched back to Spring, went back on the surface to check (temperature, music, etc etc) and confirmed that it was, in fact, Spring.
    It seems like this bug didn't die but just got rarer.
  • Extra: playing on RoG with compatibility with shipwrecked ON.

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Roodkapje    2

Can I just contribute a few characters here. I get this too (but on PS4). I have no hard proof, but, even though time passes above ground, it often occurred to me after a visit to the caves (for rarely more than a handful of game days) that the time of year was quite a way off (enter early summer, exit mid winter). Really odd.


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