Drop the niche little weaksauce changes that have to do with how temperature and things affect her HP and sanity. They have almost no impact except for new players and should not be bothered with. Make her immune to fire. This allows her to abuse fire in combat which would be GREAT! Keep the more effective at fueling fires thing, I like that touch. Keep this new buffed Bernie it sounds cool. (also make him attract ruins nightmare creatures as well as normal sanity creatures) Make lighter infinite in Willow's use As a drawback, make her sanity tank and maybe make her get cold if she's not regularly lighting things on fire. She's a pyromaniac she should need to light things on fire. And the challenge here is doing it responsibly so that you don't burn entire forests down. Something ontop of this all that I feel like should be said. Do not keep her lame because of griefers. The torch still exists. Making her a fire addict does not make her a grief character. A Wilson can burn everything down just the same as a Willow. The reason Willow was a problem before was because she lit fires randomly. We want STRONG fire-based buffs to make her worth while and comparable to Winona and Wortox. Just because she'll be heavily associated to griefers does not make her a problem though. We'll get griefers just the same without her anyways.