Hey Everybody,  We’re just about ready for the next Character Refresh! Willow’s Refresh will be coming May 7th.  I am going to share some of the details of her changes. Of course, this is still subject to change and will likely see some adjusting before and after release.  Willow no longer gets cold from low sanity. Willow takes more damage and loses sanity from freezing. Willow takes less damage from overheating. Willow gets fire immunity for the first several seconds and then reduced damage thereafter.  Willow takes no burn damage while extinguishing fires and does it faster than others. Adding fuel to fires is more effective for Willow. Bernie can now be equipped by Willow for sanity and warmth at the cost of durability. Bernie grows big and will taunt and fight most hostile creatures when Willow is nearby and insane. Bernie will still taunt Shadow Creatures when any other player is nearby and insane. In addition, Willow still gains sanity near fire and can still cook with her Lighter. After going through the first few rounds of character refreshes and introducing a brand new character, we have had the chance to regroup to see how our scheduling is working out and have decided to make a few small changes. The scheduling we initially set for ourselves was too aggressive and we’ll be pulling back a bit so that the dev cycle for new content isn’t as hard on our team. We found that our schedule was just too demanding and we want to be able to make things interesting and not just pump out stuff as fast as we can.  As of this writing our schedule looks like this:  Willow Refresh:  May 7th
Content Update (beta): Mid May
Unannounced New Character: Early June
Content Update (live): Mid/Late June
Next Refresh: Mid July NOTE: As long time fans are aware, we do not prioritize dates above content or the team, so dates are always subject to change. We have dates set for each of these, but at this point I think it may be best to not get too ambitious with setting a date publicly. Assuming that the dust is now settled, we hope that this will be our cadence for quite some time. We’ll review again after the content update hits beta next month. As always, we look forward to your thoughts and feedback. Thanks everybody!