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Proposed New Building: Decontamination Chamber

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goboking    908

I've seen a fair few calls for an actual airlock over the last year or so.  I hereby propose an building that can separate gasses while also giving us a use for chlorine: the decontamination chamber, an amalgamation of mechanical airlocks and an ore scrubber for dupes.

I see it as a building four tiles wide and three or four tiles high.  It would block the lateral passage of gas (though ceilings would need to be low enough to keep gasses from passing over the building).  It would require a moderate amount of power and have an input for chlorine.  Dupes entering one side would get a blast of chlorine - thus decontaminating surface germs on themselves and anything they're carrying - before exiting the other side.  The chlorine would be consumed, keeping the building's mechanics consistent with the ore scrubber.

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