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[Gameplay] Game spawns builder pig followers


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PC (Steam)
Do you use mods?
Version Number
Rev 327766


Issue title
Game spawns builder pig followers
Steps to reproduce
I'm not sure, I think this may have caused it:

1) The house of a builder pig burned down

2) I collected a poop

3) He gave me a coin

4) He follows me everywhere

Again, I don't remember clearly so this may be not the way to reproduce it

Describe your issue
I noticed that a builder pig was following me. I thought it may be a one time bug, so I went into a safe area and killed him. But, after 5 days, he came back... Now every ~5 days or so a builder pig starts following me for no reason.

I'm attaching my save file where I have 2 builder pigs following me around.



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