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Growned Vanishing Glitch

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I'm having a weird graphical glitch were the ground texture disappears. What causes it I can't for the life of me figure out, but I have learned its behavior. 

It only happens when standing on a specific tile(s), if you leave the tile the ground returns if you enter the tile it disappears again. 

It's not fixed, the bug does not occur instantly or any set spot you're standing at your fire waiting for day and poof gone.

It only happens at certain camera angles, standing in said tile and rotating the camera the ground is only gone in one or two angles.

Turning off bloom makes it go away, if bloom is off the grown returns turning it on and the bug is still present.

Restarting the game is the only way to fix it, just saving and quitting is not enough. Restarting did not fix it this time, but I did find a cause for it. (Down)

It could be me, with it happening many time to me and not a hint of it anywhere on the internet I could find it might be an issue my computer specifically has with this game but it hasn't been showing any hardware problems elsewhere so I'm not sure. Correction it has been reported by one of my friends too, my computer's not dying. (yess)

One cause might be light (bloom and light makes sense (right?)). The most recent time the bug occurred and made me make this post was during the full moon. Is the full moon the cause no it's happened without the full moon (but often near campfires thinking about it).

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