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Plop Picking in hamlet_interiors

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spiffyzha    2

This is an issue in the Hamlet Interiors beta; no idea if it's also a problem in the 'main' version of Hamlet. 

So, you know how pigs will pay you for picking up their poop?  And how it's not possible to get infinite money by picking up poop and dropping it and picking it up again?  There seems to be some sort of tag applied to manure when it's pooped out by pigs but not when you drop it.  Or something. 

The bug is this:  if you drop a bunch of clippings or flower petals around town, let the pigs poop them back out, and then quit and restart the game (ie, quit out of the whole application -- not just to the main menu), these tags seem to get reset, so the pigs won't pay you for poop they've pooped the last time you were playing.  They'll pay you for picking up *new* poop, but not the old poop.  

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