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Problems with Matt's Tools

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Inver    0

Hello, I am new in modding DST.
At start i have got some problems with Matt's TEXCreator and TEXTool (v1.4.1).

So when i try to open a .tex file via TEXTool , the program just hides file explorer and the file is not imported to program.
Second problem is that, i cannot export .tex files from TEXCreator. When i try do it, i get a unhandled exception.

Hope you will help me.
Thanks for your attention. I’m looking forward to your reply.



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YiinHikari    30

Hi, I don't remember how I did that in the frist place (years ago) but I do know that I probably changed the properties of the .tex files, in order to make them open by TEXTool by default. So, now when I double click a .tex file it automatically just opens. (Right click on any .tex file>Properties>It opens with: --here you select your TEXTool program---).

Second, I am not sure how to use TEXCreator myself, I never used it, and never needed it much either... What you exactly need? because you can convert a .png file into a .tex file or a .tex file into a .png file using ktech

Edit: some visual help (even in spanish you will recognize the properties window, if you have windows 7 or similar)


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