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bgoerz05    0
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So, I have not gotten this game yet, and am thinking about it. I was looking at the system requirements, and it looks like I do not have enough dedicated graphics memory, but I have more than enough shared memory. I have a lot of extra RAM, so, would this game work on my computer?


EDIT: nvm, I figured it out on the discord.

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CarlZalph    2,612

When I ran it on an integrated chip that had only 64 MB of vram it still ran.  Performance wise was not good, but it's what could be expected from an integrated chip from mid 2010.

Your mileage may vary, of course.


With Steam offering the refund choice you could always try it and if it's not to your liking then refund within the two hour gameplay period as per Valve's refund policy.

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