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iOS - Don't Starve: Pocket Edition / Shipwrecked Update

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JanH    7840

iOS Update Notes - 4/9/2019
Don't Starve: Pocket Edition (Ver 1.36) and Don't Starve: Shipwrecked (Ver 1.72)

- The lateral black bars in Notch devices were removed.
- The position of the HUD elements that could be covered by the Notch or the Home slider has been updated. Now the elements adapt its position dynamically.
- The size of the elements of the HUD adapts to the size of the screen.
- The elements of the menu now adapt its position and size to the size of the screen.
- The chest layout has been relocated. Previously the layout was partially cut by the screen in some devices.
- The hover menu was relocated to avoid been cut by the screen.
- The resolution has been improved in some devices and now adapts better to the screen.
- [Only in PE version] Fixed some controller issues where the input didn’t swap correctly.
- [Only in SW version] The invisible assets have been updated and now should be visible.

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