Android - Don't Starve: Pocket Edition / Shipwrecked Update

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While it's cool to see DS on mobile getting things fixed, unfortunately it seems Klei is struggling to keep up with our demands which were stated in 2017. We wished there was a dedicated team handling DS for mobile, but sadly this company cannot provide that. And to make matters even worst, Android devices are listed at the bottom of their priorities list - and when an update comes out (like MONTHS later), it only "fixes" the Shipwrecked version of the game, not even touching Pocket Edition.

With that, I believe it goes without saying, but we should just FORGET about Wagstaff, who's a new character for the vanilla DS.

He's never coming to mobile, so don't bother asking KLEI.

Some say Klei will still fix DS for mobile, "yeah give it time". As if two years wasn't time enough.

Some also say "But you know, Android is a damn fragmented platform so, what did you expect really?"

I call it BS. See, even for the Playstation VITA, which was a platform with no "fragmentation", Don't Starve Reign of Giants performs like C-R-A-P, as the winter comes around, penguins jump in, your base is surrounded by trees, grasses, twigs, buffalo, traps, etc.The only difference to the Vita version is that DS:PE takes even less than that to perform slowly, the game is incredibly sensitive (not to say buggy and poorly optimized) and that is a deal breaker, even for the fans of this game.

I get the feeling the guys handling this port to mobile are afraid to come up with optimizations (better frame rate, blurry, low-res, etc) because they don't have enough manpower to do that, most of them are working on useless-stuff-to-give-you-the-idea-their-focus-is-on-DST. And forget about "getting your phone ready to run DSPE" like getting rid of junk files and restarting your phone. Much better looking and more demanding mobile games run like a champ on my phone, why does DSPE have to be any different?

That isn't OK. But I guess I expected too much from this company. We've supported their game on mobile.

I guess they can't support us back.

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