Willow is based on novels about young people related to pyrokinesis, mainly “Firestarter” (or “Charlie” in some editions) by Stephen king: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firestarter_(novel) During her childhood, Charlene ("Charlie") McGee had a teddy bear which she ignited on fire by simply looking at it, through the power of her mind. Bernie is not only based on Firestarter, he´s inspired by the classic haunted dolls, animated by magic or spirits, who will harm or protect certain persons. One of the big traits of Charlie is having a strong (but fiery) temper and little patience, always manifesting in her behavior. Willow acts in this way too: -"You jerk! Let me in!" (Pig House occupied, lights off) -"A cone full of jerks." (Killer Bee Hive) -"Jerks that slither." (Snake) -"Jerks that swim." (Sea Hound) -"Stay back, you big jerk!" (Krampus) -"Hurry up, dirtpile. Feed me!" (Farm, growing) -"But I want more berries!" (Berry Bush, picked) -"Stupid rabbits. Come out so I can eat you." (Rabbit Hole) While Telekinesis is the ability to influence actions in objects with the mind, Pyrokinesis is the ability of creating and controlling fire by thought:   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyrokinesis The name Willow is related to magic, witchcraft, to be more exact. For example the willow tree is know as "witchs´s tree" due to its parts being used as ingredients for potions, and rituals in old times by witches and warlocks. Interestingly Willow was also portrayed as a witch in her Funko Pops and Halloween art. "A symbol of stake-burnt sisterhood." (Fiery Witch's Hat description) In old times, people accused of witchcraft were burned in stakes. Between 1920 & 1930, Japan started to produce lighters under the brand “Willow”, with different models and decorations. One of the most popular models. (Looks familiar, right?)