A condensed list of tutorials for ONI, if you have any links that believe should be included please post them below and I will add them. QOL Mk3 Preview mechanics (Temporary) Useful links Maps tool -> A map seed database Geyser calculator -> Determine the average g/s of output Rocket Calculator and assorted tools Building output temperatures This is old, some info may be out of date. Tutorials Priorities tutorial A tutorial on how priorities work and potential system to manage them Most important info on priorities This is the most common misconception on priorities Enable proximity mechanics (this is from a separate video) First 40 cycles* Early base planning Early scheduling then slightly later scheduling then Much later scheduling Early Toilets Pre smart battery power generation Early food storage First food crop Why you switch to plumbed toilet's early Smart battery power generation then Little bit more info Cycle 43 - 55 Carbon skimmer Stone hatch farming* also see Stone hatches are best/Sage hatches are bad Pacu farming* Puff farming* Morb farming* Glossy Drecko farming* Electrolizer setup/SPOM (Produces 1Kg/s O2) Mistake you should avoid with SPOM Additional SPOM (Produces 500g/s O2) Additional SPOM (Produces 800+g/s O2) Additional SPOM (Produces 800+g/s O2) Produces additional Hydrogen due to gas deletion so excess power. Dupe fashion and decor, start of oil Exo Suits This is unfortunately spread out thought the video, apologies. Additional info on exo suits, even more additional info How to do Decor more How to decor 2 Snazzy suits and why you want them Put a liquid lock on your oil biome Oil and Industrial brick and After you get a petroleum boiler up and running The above video covers how to harness crude oil, ceramics, metal refinement, steel, plastic, glass and power generation. They are all integrated into one build as they are all heat generating buildings involved. The solution is to group them all and build in a cooling solution. This unfortunately make this difficult to separate them into different tutorials. All the below are from separate video's. Don't let water touch your glass forge How to get lots of mid game lime Why ice box power generators should be made of steel Cool steam vent tamer Very stable set and forget vent tamer with a wheeze ice box.  Fifth video mostly misc info linked to other videos Gas and liquid pipes how to manage flow How to get some extra cool clean water in the early mid game How to recycle germ polluted water Infinite storage warehouse How to make a sustainable base How to get to infinitely sustainable power, food and water. Oil boiling, petroleum boiler. Why you want to boil petroleum A bulky but efficient petroleum boiler Would only recommend if you don't have access to a magma volcano. Minor modification, second modification How to fill a magma tank with geo thermal magma. Magma Volcano powered petroleum boiler Very useful and preferred method of boiling petroleum How to tap an oil well also see minor modification Detailed Counter flow heat exchange thread an awful lot of research on the most efficient way to exchange heat quickly How to do cooling Steam turbine heat deletion* The QOL Mk3 is going to make the current steam turbine design require a redesign. Some power info and slickster farming. What to build the different electrical wire out of How to build a power spine for your base Slickster farming Metal volcano tamer Gold volcano tamer Not to happy with this design it works but feels to complicated. The new steam turbine in QOL Mk3 will render it obsolete. Telescopes, Space scanners, Regolith management and Solar Space telescopes Space scanner tutorial* Regolith management Solar power Battery packs, how to store large amounts of power Also see Wheezewort cooling why you want at least 2.2 Kg of hydrogen Rocket tutorial, Steam to Hydrogen plus automation Steam rockets Petroleum rockets Rocket exhausts and how to deal with them How tall should your rocket silo be Simple Oxolite setup Liquid Oxygen and hydrogen production* Rocket tutorial, Steam to Hydrogen plus automation part 2 Rocket automation simplified (This is pulled from a different video) Planets tutorial and preferred targets Neural vacillator recharges* Insulation is expensive (Save your reed fiber) Naked space scanner, why you need one Hydrogen rockets emit steam Has the potential to be harvested, anyone got a functional design? Shove Vole ranching Automated regolith farming for voles* Vole kill chamber Errata, Transport tubes, Patches, Misc Transport tubes Wheezewort cooling why you want at least 2.2 Kg of hydrogen