Hey everyone! Today we are launching Wortox, please enjoy! Possessions
A playful imp with a colourful past, Wortox was once a gentle (if rascally) forest creature without a care in the world -- until the day he inherited a terrible curse, and lost a close friend. Unlike the other Survivors, he does not appear to be trapped in the Constant. Perhaps he views this as some sort of game? Please enjoy this glimpse into Wortox’s past: Wortox’s Abilities
Wortox the Soul Starved has hopped his way into the Constant to join our intrepid band of Survivors. He’s a fun, mischievous fellow with a big, kind heart… minus the fact that he eats souls for sustenance. Here are his details:  Wortox catches the Souls of creatures that die around him. Souls can be used for the following abilities: Wortox can eat delicious souls (then loses some sanity). Wortox teleports a short distance. Release Souls to heal nearby allies. Unfortunately for Wortox, his body craves Souls. Food is only ½ as sustaining. Wortox can be overloaded with Souls, causing him to drop them and lose sanity. Wortox is less afraid of monsters. As with Winona, we will likely be tuning Wortox with balance adjustments in the future. Please let us know your thoughts and feedback! Wortox can be unlocked in the following ways: Wortox is available for purchase for $6.99, in the Wortox Chest. Wortox’s Survivor skin set is included in this chest for free. The Wortox Deluxe Chest is $10.99 and includes the Survivor, Minotaur and Uncorrupted skin sets. You can weave Wortox for 2700 spool. These are the different Wortox outfits we are launching with: Console Update
Unfortunately we hit a bit of a snag. XboxOne will get the update today but we aren't able to get it out today for PS4. It's possible we can have it out tomorrow, but we expect it to come next week. We're sorry for the delay.  The following bundles are now available on console: Wortox Deluxe Chest Voxola Warehouse Chest All Survivors Gladiator Chest Official Chinese Support
New to this release, our in-house Chinese specialist has reviewed our entire string library (more than 25,000 strings!) and we are now officially supporting Simplified Chinese. If you have any feedback on our translation, we would be happy to hear it. Upcoming
At the end of April we are planning to release the first major game update. This first update will be focused on laying the groundwork for more content.  In addition, the next character to be refreshed will be Willow, launching at the same time as the game update. Onward and upward!