Here’s a typical report from my base on cycle 1229: Power added: 6370 KJ. Used: 10723 Kj. Net: -4353 KJ. This would make sense if I were running on battery power for much of the day, but the “net” figure is always negative. Further, while the “power added” figure has a breakdown by generator type, the total is at odds with my moment-to-moment power usage. Since there are 600 seconds in the cycle, 10723 Kj corresponds to an average usage of 17.8 kW this cycle. This seems to fit with the displays I see on my main power backbones. My power net is split into 3 sub nets, because I was frequently exceeding 20kW, so I don’t have a convenient single wire that I can check. 6370 KJ would only be 10.5 kW. Since my 3 subnets currently read 5.7 kW, 2.5 kW, and 4.9 kW, for a total of 13 kW, I’m pretty sure the “total usage” figure is the correct one (power usage spikes when various aquatuners come on line). I’m assuming the proportions give for power generation are correct, even if the total is wrong. So if the cycle 1200 report says 4,351 kJ of 10,120 kJ generated was petrol, I did generate 43% of my power from petrol. That cycle my usage was 13,032 used and 936 kJ wasted (I was running generators just for the water output), so my actual petrol generation was 13,968 kJ * 43% = 6006 kJ, or 10 kW. That’s consistent with running 3 generators constantly (6 kW) and 2 boosted generators (another 6kW) only on demand, controlled by a smart battery.