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Knocked off map


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When placing spider eggs if done close to the edge of the map,possibly in a corner when placed it will force you outside the edge of the land. This then makes it so that you can walk on the outer water/endless black area but unable to return to land. 

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Could you submit a bug report regarding this issue from in-game? Preferably save and exit your current game (even if in the water), and go to Main Menu>Options>Report Bug - mention the issue in the description box as well as the affected save slot number and it will upload your game for us to investigate.

Once the bug report has been sent to us, you should be able to use the game's debug console to place your character back on land. To do so, please follow these steps:
1) Place your mouse pointer on a safe land location (basically where you want your character to land on.)
2) Press the Tilde (~) key to bring up your console command line and type in the following: c_move(GetPlayer())
3) Press Enter to finish and apply the code to move your character back on land.
4) Press CTRL+L on your keyboard to remove the console command log.

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