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So I think I have encountered a bug in part 2 of the puzzle. I logged in both accounts with incognito Chrome windows and strictly followed the strategy here (attached) and I found no matter which spot I placed my walking cane symbol (sth like '木') in with my partner placed all black blocks correspond to "1", the light bulbs never switch on. In fact, the puzzle was totally fine at the beginning, until after a few times of reset (due to pressing the blue button for too many time..), we can never see any light bulb again. Can someone help, please?


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Daniel86268    285
Posted (edited)

Here we go again, the weekly announcement of "Metheus stopped working", before comments say that it's still working, and OP realizes, that it indeed still works....


Edit: The key to the metheus puzzle is a lot of communication and a proper strategy. You already got a strategy on hand, so you just gotta communicate with your partner.

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