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[Gameplay] Inventory wiped upon World Escape


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Inventory wiped upon World Escape

Steps to reproduce

Escape an Established world with a full inventory, upon restart, all items are gone, all research progress reset.

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In preparation for the new patch, I found the Teleportato on my existing sandbox world, carefully selected items from my inventory that I wanted to keep, and jumped through at day 26, neatly avoiding a winter I wasn't ready for. I indicated I was ready to move on, watched the animation for Wilson to be pulled into the ground, and selected "Return to Main Menu" when prompted, collecting my experience for survival. I selected the same save slot from the menu, now marked "Sandbox 2-1." When I jumped into the world with a new Wilson, no inventory, no beard, no nothing. I hopped back to the menu, and now that same save slot is marked as "Sandbox 1-1" and the empty inventory and lost hours of progress are saved. If it matters for purposes of the bug, I'd had a meat effigy active and unused in the old world.

This is a game-breaking bug in my opinion, I could have saved hours of work by dying and restarting, but I was looking forward to taking on winter without losing all my progress. It is a beta, and I still really like the game, but I'd have been livid if this had happened to me on a final release version.

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