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[Gameplay] [Exploit] Ro Bin Doppelgänger


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Platform: Steam

Mods: Geometric Placement and Combined Status

Version: Current

Issue Title: Multiple Ro Bins

Steps to reproduce: Pick up the egg while it is in its hatching animation

Describe your issue: If Ro Bin's egg is picked up while it is in its hatching animation, the egg will enter the player's inventory but Ro Bin will proceed to spawn as normal, along with its Gizzard Stone. This is followed shortly after by another Ro Bin and its own Gizzard Stone. Each Ro Bin will follow its own stone and their inventories are independent from one another. If the egg is placed on the ground from the player's inventory after this, it will immediately despawn.

EDIT: After about an in-game day, without restarting the game, the Ro Bin now follow either stone.

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