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Constant Sanity Regen & Carnivore?

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hanilem    0

So I just started modding and need help with the character I'm currently working on.

I want her to constantly gain a bit of sanity since she has flowers in her hair and dress (simmilar to a garland).

Second I'd like her to be a carnivore pretty much like Wigfried. I tried a few things I found online but none of them worked for me. If anyone knows how to add those things please let me know ^^.


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NeddoFreddo    1078

This is in the wrong subforum, it should be in 'Mods and Tools.'


For dapperness, in your character's master_postinit add the line

inst.components.sanity.dapperness = TUNING.DAPPERNESS_TINY -- TUNING.DAPPERNESS_TINY is the amount used by the garland

TUNING.DAPPERNESS_TINY is equal to 1.33 sanity per minute. There are other possible tuning values such as SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, or you could input your own value.

For only allowing certain foodtypes add this into your character's master_postinit:

if inst.components.eater ~= nil then
        inst.components.eater:SetDiet({ FOODGROUP.OMNI }, { FOODTYPE.MEAT, FOODTYPE.GOODIES })

Your character will only eat the foodtypes specified here. FOODTYPE.GOODIES contains items such as Jellybeans, though I'm not sure what else. You can remove it if you wish.

All of this information was obtained from waxwell.lua and wathgrithr.lua, both located in data/databundles/
If you want help like this in the future I'd suggest taking a peek at preexisting files in the game for help.


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