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[Gameplay] Dens have too many warriors


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Dens have too many warriors

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Just attack a den as usual

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I checked my files, and it seems that a level one den should have at maximum one warrior in it. However, I've found that most of them have two, while some have one.

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Yes, the spider dens have more warriors, but the number that's spawning is significantly higher than what the code says should be spawning. A level 1 should have 1, level 2 has 2, and level 3 has 4. However, it seems incredibly rare for that to be true.

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Okay, so from what I can tell in the spiderden prefab, the maximum number of warriors is not how many warriors are in the nest, but instead how many warriors it can spawn on each hit.

So that means that a level 1 spider den has 3 spiders, can spawn a maximum of 2 per time hit, and 1 of those can be a warrior each. Rather than the way it was before, which was it had 3 spiders, and up to 1 of them was a warrior. I don't know if this is intentional or not, because according to my math it makes these the most likely numbers:

Level 1 Den- 2 warriors, 1 spider

Level 2 Den- 4 warriors, 2 spiders

Level 3 Den- 6 warriors, 3 spiders

Meaning that a den now has more warriors than regular spiders. Regardless of whether or not this is a coding oversight or an intentional change, that's kind of ridiculous.

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  • Developer

We've discussed this with the designers, and we're going to be making adjustments to the amount of spiders and which spiders will be spawned.Once we release the next fix, this should be changed.Thanks!

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