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Rockou_    4

So there was a mod on the workshop that got deleted, and it doesnt exist anymore and i really liked that mod(debug/testing map- believe me or not i dont really care if you think im using it to cheat) it changes the player vision to the moggle vision

it uses a simple code but i lost it, id like to know what i did wrong with the following file. if i change something it crashes and if it doesnt it doesnt do anything
Managed to change the nightvision color but if the local night vision absolutely needs the moggle filter i can make a new colour tube set with the moggle filter

Currently it crashes cause of a inst error?
[00:00:44]: [string "../mods/Nightvision/modmain.lua"]:15: attempt to index local 'inst' (a nil value)
LUA ERROR stack traceback:
    ../mods/Nightvision/modmain.lua:15 in (field) fn (Lua) <10-26>
    scripts/events.lua:46 in (method) HandleEvent (Lua) <42-49>
    scripts/input.lua:189 in (method) OnRawKey (Lua) <184-191>
    scripts/input.lua:396 in () ? (Lua) <395-397>

Thanks in advance

Managed to do it myself :

local _G = GLOBAL

local function GetKeyFromConfig(config)
    local key = GetModConfigData(config)
    return key and (type(key) == "number" and key or _G[key])

local function InGame()
    return ThePlayer and ThePlayer.HUD and not ThePlayer.HUD:HasInputFocus()

_G.TheInput:AddKeyUpHandler(GetKeyFromConfig("nv"), function ()
        nvk = not nvk
        if nvk == true then
        _G.ThePlayer.components.talker:Say("Night Vision enabled")
        _G.ThePlayer.components.talker:Say("Night Vision disabled")



night vision

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Ultroman    704

You are having trouble, because you think you are getting the inst and self parameters passed to the function you are hooking up to the key-handler, but the key-handlers do not provide any parameters.

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