Time to abandon all hope, I guess! With a rework not working out, this is exactly what is ok to happen; they made changes, a lot of us disagreed, now they can tweak based on the feedback. But they won't hear about it if the feedback is mild and buried somewhere 10 pages in now is it? So "testing the waters" is exactly what they did, and this is what they should expect... or do you expect to have positive/neutral feedback all round no matter what happens, it really doesn't make any sense. Feels like for whatever reason, there seems to be nonsensical reaction from some people just because there's so much criticism regarding the update. Comparing a rework with what's currently in place shows what people like, and gives thought to what players would rather have in the game instead. We all know tentacle fields are OP, we all know these cheese methods, but they are something that have stood still with no signs of rework. But with Winona, this IS a rework, and the expectation is to tune her in the end to make a great character as an asset, a challenge and being fun to play while simultaneously having a reason to play as her. And regarding Wicker, I'm sure many of us would expect reasonable nerfs to her books, while making her a more fun character to play as, with possibly some slightly harsher negatives. But that will come when her changes are to be made. Right now, only Winona is priority, and the way her mechanics are handled tick the boxes for all the fields I mentioned, except may be being a challenge, though an excessive one with nowhere near enough positive counterparts. Never heard anyone ever mention before to have her hunger drain by points every time she crafts before the update, but if they did, that would seem just as bad an idea in theory as it is in practice; what is the point of faster crafting, if that is massively offset by the time you'll take to gather food, cook food and eat it? There's then no point to her faster crafting, who thought this was a good idea, I'm baffled; the faster crafting saves time, but then hunger drain adds time on to what you'll be doing to counter the hunger drain penalty for it, what is even the point in faster crafting then?