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Making Item anim Files

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Question about the anim folder. I am trying to make custom items, but without the animations when I drop them, you cannot see them.
I was wonder how to format and change these images to make the complied into their own animations.
I only need an animation for when they drop on the ground.

I tried to copy another items anim file, but since they shared the same internal name somewhere so it couldn't run.

I heard talk about an scml file, however I do not know how to format it.






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IronHunter    393

If all you are doing is making a basic idle animation you can easily just make your own spriter animation.

1) you want to name your folders the names you want your symbols to be.

2) make a new spriter file in the root location where your symbol folders are located. (Not inside those folders, out side them)

3) name your animation bank and animation name to what you want. A lot of the ingame idle animations use "idle" or "anim" for their animation names and the prefab's name for their bank.

4) Assign pivot points to your symbols then drag your symbols into the timeline. Adjust their position/size/rotation etc until.

5) add keyframes and extend your animation length to the desired length.

6) place the entire animation folder into your mod's exported folder and compile it.

7) test in game and tweak until satisfied.

8) if you get stuck or have questions ask on the forums.

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