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Don't Starve New game Recruiting

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Nexis_Black    0

Hey guys, I'm looking to start a New Endless World and looking for active players who would like to join. There are some requirements I'd like to put in place and some things to explain before starting. So here we go:


Requirements to join:

  • 18+ and Mature

We all saw this one coming, I don't think I need to explain this one :p

  • Active Semi-Daily

We all know we will have days where we will be too busy to play or some days just don't want to play. That's understandable. Please do NOT bother adding me or inquiring if this criteria doesn't meet you. Nothing personal, Just need active long term players who won't bail after the first day, or come online like every week. Have had this happen too many times.

  • Discord and Mic (REQUIRED)

C'mon boys, it's Don't Starve. Communication is a key element and also helps with the laughs. At the very least if you don't have a mic or simply don't like talking it is required you can at least be on discord to hear the other players and communicate via chat in game for convenience purposes

  • Good attitude and Humor

Nobody likes a stickler, lets start this play through seeking laughs and fun shall we?




YES there is mods, but light mods for quality of life. I also have a sans and Freddy Fazbear character mods active so feel free to use them, I checked their stats and they have both drawbacks and strengths, In my opinion, rather balanced. For those who are new you will not need to download these mods 


The other mods are listed here:


  • Backpack Slot, allows for the backpack to have it's own inventory slot, armor up and lets get foraging!
  • Max stacks Mod. This mod allows for most items to stack up to 99, again quality of life.
  • Health info. Allows you to hover over enemies and animals alike to see their remaining health. Nothing big, just added awareness for when you're in a fight.

Help Me Up! This mod caught my interest as it allows a player who has died to be revived in 60 seconds before becoming a ghost, Alternatively you can use /rip in the chat to become a ghost instantly so before someone comes at me saying "This kills the game experience" chill, everyone will have a choice whether or not to utilize this mod.


World and Play Through Details:

The age limit is set due to maturity and for my own sanity, sorry but no squeakers allowed xD In all seriousness, this is meant to be a group of people who can laugh and have fun with Mature content and conversations.

Yea yea that was a bit much, but it's to ensure we all have a great time I promise. The world will be an endless world, so it will be rather casual and that's the point. Looking to start a new group and just have fun, chill, and most importantly, Don't Starve! (Cliche I know) 

After all that and with the settings and mods of the world, and you think this is for you feel free to add me on steam and discord mentioned below, and message me on either of those to join, Please refrain from commenting here because I will most likely not see it.


Steam: Nexis_Black

Discord: Nexis#0045


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