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[Crash] Both DS and DST always close automatically on Ubuntu 14.04

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Do you use mods?
yes, but when I tried to unsubscribe from all mods, the issue still persist
Version Number 

Issue title
Hi, both my DS and DST keeps crashing right away whenever I tried to run it. At first I thought it was due to the mod but when I tried to unsub all mods and tried uninstall then install again, the issue still persist.

Steps to reproduce
Well just run the game

Describe your issue
Not sure when this happened, I think around a month ago, a week after the wormwood patch came out. The thing is, this only happens to DS and DST, my other steam games can run just fine

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JanH    6,190

Should the issue persist for Don't Starve and it crashes once more, could you please provide us with your log.txt file?

(On Linux) ~/.klei/DoNotStarve/log.txt

If possible, please provide us with you lshw as well.

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