Hamlet Aporkalypse Calendar completely bugged, 100% reproducible with bug report in game saves included

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NotStarved    70

When you go into my save, you'll instantly see the issue. My calendar is where i actually last set it, but hasn't updated. The calendar also doesn't allow 60 days until it starts the aporkalypse, it starts in 7. 

Also, when i go from my house to the calendar, as i teleport there are mobs that hit me as it teleports, it also shows the house empty for a brief second. i don't have a screenshot but you can replicate this bug too just by teleporting to my house, then back to the calendar using the telelocator staff that's already in my inventory. 

The bug report has a description of the bug, my name, and the saveslot. 

Mods shouldn't be affected by this sort of bug.

Comment if you need any further information or help. 

Thank you for making the game better.


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