Winona Character Update & Drop System Changes

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MrKoopa    514

Cool video. It was extremly well made. I had to buy the new stuff.

More lore and stuff is always nice to have :D

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X-lem    11

I love the weekly increase from 4 to 8 gifts. That in itself is a nice touch. The daily bonus is awesome too!

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Szczuku    5,651
59 minutes ago, Bigfoot said:


Does "daily" mean 24 hours from last drop or a day passing where Klei is?

Probably the 1st one but asking just to make sure.

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ImDaMisterL    19,379
Posted (edited)
9 minutes ago, Cass_ said:

Logged in, got an elegant as a daily drop. Thanks guys.


Also, I really like the new fence and sign skins, ngl

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Just now, Zeklo said:

Abigail's Flower - Wendy

I don't think that flower is Wendy's. It is connected with Charlie's picture.


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JimmyJam    1,091

OMG this is amazing! Cant wait to see the other videos! I think the best thing is the new skin dropping! :D <3

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Marco BR    860
1 hour ago, Bigfoot said:

Hey everyone!

Today’s a big day for Don’t Starve Together. We have quite a few things to talk about today, from Winona’s character refresh, to some lore content, to a drastic increase in drop rates. 

Here we go!

Next of Kin
Every character has their story, and with each refresh, we will be revealing a bit more of their past. See what memories Winona has to share with you here:

Winona Refresh
Winona has been hard at work since landing in the Constant, and she’s invented a couple new ingenious tools! She can now construct a catapult to keep enemies at bay, as well as a spotlight to keep her and her friends safe from Charlie. Both of these gadgets are powered by her new portable generators.

Unfortunately, her hardworking nature is getting the better of her, and every time she builds something she burns a few more calories than normal.


We’re also launching the new Industrious skin for Winona, an Industrial-themed item set, and the classic Guest of Honor, Triumphant, Survivor and Rose skins are now all available for purchase. All owners of these classic skins prior to today are now upgraded to an “Heirloom” rarity, with full unraveling value (that is, an Heirloom Elegant can be unraveled for 1350 spool).

New Drop System
In addition to these new skins, we are announcing drastically improved drop rates for everyone. 

We want to make sure that players are able to earn skins and new characters in a reasonable amount of time. They previously could not so we felt the drop rate needed to be revised to reflect that. We are starting this new drop system before the first new character to give everybody a nice head start to earn spool before it’s release. 

The first thing we are doing is providing a daily item bonus. Each day you play, you will receive a drop simply by logging in. Secondly, we are doubling the amount of timed drops that are given per week to 8, up from the previous 4. Along with the daily item bonus, players can now receive a total of 15 items per week, nearly 4 times the previous amount.

And finally, we have increased the frequency of elegants and other rare items in the drop table. 

Our previous drop rates were as follows:

  • Common: 68%
  • Classy: 23.00%
  • Spiffy: 6.00%
  • Distinguished: 2.50%
  • Elegant: 0.50%

Today, the drop rates are:

  • Common: 52.7%
  • Classy: 26.0%
  • Spiffy: 13.0%
  • Distinguished: 6.0%
  • Elegant: 2.3%

Console Purchases
We finally have consoles able to purchase skins! This is a first step, we would like to be able to offer parity between PC and console on skins, but there are some technical details in order for us to support many different packages.

In the meantime, we’ve made the following bundles available for purchase:

  • Complete Gorge Chest
  • Magmatic Bundle
  • Winona Deluxe
  • Contenders Promo Chest

We have lots more in store! Our first new character is launching later this month, new Twitch items are coming next week, and the first pass of our new content is coming in April. 


Klei team, thank you so much♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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Jay12    1
Posted (edited)

Wait... New twitch skins? New character in this month?! [Probably Waggstaff] :p You are amazing.


Edited by Jay12
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