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Bug On PC in Don't Starve (any dlc's) when using the controller

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SarKasM    0

Bug Submission

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  • Do you use mods?
  • Yes
  • Version Number
  • 3601636
  • Issue title
     When you use the controller and open the crafting tab, it starts to spam the hat crafting section whenever you move your camera or you manipulate your inventory
  • Steps to reproduce
     I use xbox controller, but i guess could work with any:
    -Open crafting tab
    -Close crafting tab 
  • -Start to rotate the camera
  • Describe your issue:
  • Before i used to play on older versions with the mods and I didn't have the issue. Then i stopped the game for a while, few updates came to the game, so when I came back to play again, when I use the controller and opened the crafting tab, it started to spam the hat crafting section whenever i rotate the camera or try to manipulate my inventory. Notice that this doesn't happen until I open the crafting tab. Please fix. 


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JanH    6,179

Sorry to hear that you are having trouble with controllers in your game. Could we get you to try the following steps:

1) Please go into the game's main menu screen and send us a bug report from in-game. (Main Menu>Options>Report Bug)

2) When sending the bug report, please give a short description of the issue and your forum username. Completing the process sends us copies of your save files as well as the description. (This may take about a minute to upload the files). 

3) Once the bug report has been sent, could we get you to reset your controller button layout to their default values? (Main menu: Options>Controls>Reset>Apply) Please let us know if the issue persists after doing step 3.

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