[Gameplay] Hound Attack Bug After Leaving the Cave

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Do you use mods?

Yes.I use ''Display Food Values'', ''Minimap HUD'' and ''Wormhole Marks'' mods.

Version Number

311861. I play the Reign of Giants DLC but it's also compatible with Shipwrecked( that might be what's causing the problem.).

Issue title

Hound Bug.

Steps to reproduce

It happens after i leave the cave. 

Describe your issue

I realized that after i leave the cave only one hound appears during the first hound attack(i'm already over my 100th day) but subsequent hound attacks happens as they normally do. I read that it also happens in shipwrecked but i didn't play shipwrecked yet so i don't know but shipwrecked compability might be the thing causing this bug.

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