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zVince    1,106

A friend told me that even after the little hotfix from yesterday, the Volt Goat bug persists. He said it is impossible to play RoG, as long as the game crash soon when it comes close to it. 


(He also said that the world is not connected to any dlc)

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Stuzer05    2

Fixed a bug.

Go to




on line 19 and replace function with this:

local function GetFaceTargetFn(inst)
    if not BrainCommon.ShouldSeekSalt(inst) then
        --local target = FindClosestPlayerToInst(inst, START_FACE_DIST, true)
        --return target ~= nil and not target:HasTag("notarget") and target or nil
        local target = GetClosestInstWithTag("player", inst, START_FACE_DIST)
        if target and not target:HasTag("notarget") then
            return target
        return nil;



Edited by Stuzer05
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bizziboi    1,411

Yeah, something went wrong with last night's hotfix, not sure yet what happened but it seems the actual fix didn't go out. It should go out soon.

Edit: This should now be fixed

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