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[Gameplay] Adventure Mode Skipping Chapters

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skeletice    0

Basically having the exact same problem that this person had except my platform is Steam.

Platform: Steam

Version: Rev. 309895

Steps to reproduce: No idea what's causing it because I'm not even clicking 'Let's Go' or 'Continue' more than once. Happened when moving from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2 the first time. Then again just now when going from Chapter 2 to Chapter 3 on a different run than the first time the bug was encountered.

Description: Both times after clicking 'Continue', instead of going to the loading screen where it says that it's generating the world, the game will just go directly to the chapter title screen where it tells me the correct (next) chapter number and the title of the chapter. Once that goes away though, I'm back in front of the teleportato, all my stuff is on the ground and I have to put my 4 items into it again. Only after activating it for the second time will it show the world generation loading screen before subsequently giving me the title screen for the chapter after the one I should've been doing next.

I've had this happen twice so far and I'm honestly kind of salty because I haven't fully beaten Adventure Mode yet and so far what should've been Chapter 3 would've been the furthest I've gotten/best I've done so far and now the run's kind of ruined because even if I get to the end and finish, I won't feel like I've legitimately beaten it so I'll have to redo. 


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