While playing around with @Mullematsch questions yesterday on "Big Boy Power System Help," I stumbled on a way to create infinite power. A brief search in the forum bug reports did not reveal anything (I'll post a bug report after a discussion). Let's start with pictures. What are you looking at? The 6 small transformers are followed by a battery (smart or regular) that never gets any charge, and then a smart battery switch that disconnects the 1kw line from the 20kw line. The left most 3 transformers take all the power sent to them and push it out to the 1kw line, which cycles back and fills the smart battery switch. Every tick of the game, the power essentially doubles. Read on. The key piece that makes this work is the empty battery between the transformers and the smart battery switch. Remove this battery (which supposedly does nothing as it never charges) and the build responds correctly, with power being consumed. How does it work? Not sure. (Edit: My current hypothesis is explained, with a formula, here.) I am guessing that the transformers try to pull from both the smart battery switching section, as well as the empty battery, and somehow successfully draw full power with half drawn from each. The build above effectively outputs 3kw from the transformers, but only drains 1.5kw (doubling the power in the system).  You can use the extra 1.5kw to power whatever you want.  Swap out the 6 transformers above for 5 big transformers (20kw of cycling power), and you can power 10kw of whatever you want (already tested it out). All of this can be done before cycle 10. Coal power?  Why?  Just use a wheel to insert a tiny bit of power into this thing, and then watch the power double rapidly (put the smart battery switch sensor really low to see it expontially fill). Crazy?  Yep.  Anyone know if this has been seen before?  I know other bug reports are out there involving transformers pushing more power than they are supposed to push, but I don't recall them magically creating the power when trying to draw from an empty battery. Who needs infinte power from turbines anymore. Just use transformers and batteries. Haha.  Have fun tinkering.