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[Gameplay] Equipped items disappearing after right-clicking

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Equipped items disappearing after right-clicking

Steps to reproduce

Have a full inventory while having something equipped in your hand. ie. an axe or spear

Pick up something that will prompt the character to say they can no longer carry anymore items.

Right click on the item equipped to your hand.

Describe your issue

If you have a full inventory and something equipped to your hand, and pick up something that can no longer fit in your inventory, right-clicking your currently equipped item will cause it to disappear. Simple to reproduce, I have done this many times on accident.

Edit: This only occurs if you don't have a backpack equipped

added pictures to reproduce steps ^ Edited by SmokeDatPakalolo

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Wade    309

Thanks, this is a known issue that can occur when right-clicking on any equipped item slot with a full inventory. We're working on getting this fixed.

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