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[Performance] Cloud save did not transfer correctly!


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Cloud save did not transfer correctly!

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Tried reloading game, as well as reloading steam, yet cloud save would not load.

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I had been playing Don't Starve on my laptop, and I'm assuming the save file did not upload to the Steam Cloud due to a weak wireless signal. However, I did not realize this and loaded up the game on my desktop, and opened the save file. I then realized it was an outdated save from a week ago. So, I logged out of Steam, and went on the laptop to try and sync. It said there was a conflict, asking whether to use the Cloud save (The timestamp was from a few minutes ago) or to upload local files (timestamp was yesterday) and naturally, I chose the option to upload local files. It said it could not successfully upload the files, and now, my save slot on my laptop will not load, despite displaying the correct file name. I clicked on the file name, and nothing happened. On my desktop, it still shows the outdated save file from a week ago.

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